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Solus Distribution

High impacting and effective

Your benefits:

  • Your distribution is tailored to your specification and your leaflets are delivered to the areas where your target market.
  • You have complete control over the campaign including the locations of the distribution, the quality of the leaflets to be delivered and the time scale of the campaign.
  • A targeted approach to your campaign means leaflets wastage is reduced and therefore improves the profitability of your distribution.
  • You receive regular updates on the progress of your distribution and at the end of it you will receive an end of campaign report including GPS tracking data.

Rates for individual (Business card to A4)


£99 to £55 per 1,000


£50 per 1,000


£42 per 1,000


£38 per 1,000


£36 per 1,000


£35 per 1,000


£33 per 1,000

Shared Distribution

A Service to suit all budgets

Your benefits:
•    We guarantee your leaflets will never be delivered alongside those of directly competing businesses.
•    With our competitive pricing you can enjoy professional shared distribution at a price to suit your budget.
•    You will receive regular updates on the progress of your distribution, and once completed you’ll receive GPS data proving delivery.

Shared Rates (A6 to A4)

A7 to Business card

£13 per 1,000


£26 per 1,000


£24 per 1,000


£22 per 1,000

30,000 to 100,000

£20 per 1,000


By negotiation

Shared Advertising Solution

Shared advertising, also known co-promotions and cooperative advertising are two approaches to maximising your advertising pounds by sharing the advertising space and cost.

What are the benefits of Shared Advertising?

By sharing the advertising space and distribution costs with Affordable Shared Advertising, your company saves money and enjoys a wider distribution of your advertising message. To view the sizes and prices, please click on the image below:

Price List Shared

Shared Voucher Advertising Solution

Even on a limited budget, every retail business must advertise to keep new customers coming in the door. The great thing about shared voucher advertising is it enables a business owner to spend less on advertising and use those savings to grow the business in other ways.

Prices starting from £75 per voucher, please click on the image below for more details:

 Blu Promotion Local Vocher

Newspapers & Magazines

  • From £45 per 1,000

Business Distribution

  • From £75 per 1,000

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